Welcome to your MAKE journey

At MAKE, we believe that everybody is an artist. Art is a powerful tool that helps us to understand and express ourselves better in a way that is not always possible through words. MAKE helps you navigate your feelings and make sense of the world through art and guided reflection. With every box you receive, we learn more about you and personalise your boxes further, tailoring the experience to your personality and interests. Through time and with Machine Learning we will be able to help you uncover undiscovered skills. 


About your results


Thank you for filling-out the pre-assessment! That gave us an understanding of your needs to personalise this MAKER box. 

Here are the results of your pre-assessment: 

  • You want to release and calm thoughts and emotions. 
  • You want to deepen your social skills and develop relationships with others. 

Your personality type is:

How to read this graph.

There are 5 traits that we are testing, these are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. The OCEAN test or the BIG 5 test is a taxonomy of personality which describes aspects of it depending on human behaviour rather than neuropsychology. 

The graph shows the extremes of the scale e.g; Openness deals with either being inventive and curious or consistent and conscious. Conscientiousness with being efficient and organized or easy-going and careless. And so on. This doesn't mean that one end is better than the other one, this is just a map of how you tend to behave most of the times. 

ABOUT YOU- Based on your answers, you tend to be very curious about how things are done and about life in general. You are always asking questions. You tend to have organised mental structures and to be efficient in your process. You are compassionate with others and this means that you tend to be a leader focused on transformational leadership rather than transactional leadership. You tend to be more sensitive in certain situations which gives you the advantage to "read the room". 

You chose this emoji  😒 to represent how you’ve been feeling in the last week.

And this emoji  🤩 to represent how you want to feel after the experience.


Why this particular box? 

Based on the results of your pre-assessment, we've chosen this box.

The materials contained in your MAKER BOX fall into the KINAESTHETIC / SENSORY category. They are made to help you release and express your energy through movement and engagement with the art materials.

The experience provides the opportunity to explore these complex and sometimes overwhelming emotions through art.

What is inside your MAKER box? 

[SAMPLE list of materials 1]

  • 1 wooden stick tool (to mould, shape and cut the plasticine) 
  • 6 colours of plasticine 
  • 2 wires (to give structure to your creation) 

One last thing....

A treat from MAKE! Inside your box, you will find a collectible emotion card. Collect it to get back at it or use it as inspiration for your artwork. You decide. 



Let's get started! 

This is your experience. We provide a structure and guidance but you can always get creative and change the order! We divided the experience into three different audios. The whole experience will take a minimum of 20 minutes and it can take as long as you want.

Between each audio, you have a chance to paint or you can do so while listening to the audio. You can paint by building on each previous painting, the final product will be a combination of all the different ideas that you came across during the 3 audios (basically what some artists and musicians call a Gesamtkunstwerk or a “Total Work of Art”)


When you’re ready, start the first audio.

[SAMPLE audio]

The Ask


Feel like your painting is ready? 

 Please hit this link to record your process and self-reflect on the activity. Self-reflection is fundamental on building on your experiences. It might be weird at first, but through time you will do it more naturally.


Some useful tips: 

 We would love to see your creation. Tag @make.wellbeing on Instagram with the hashtag #beamaker