About MAKE

MAKE is a Social Mission driven company, created in London as part of the Zinc.VC programme.
We are a skills & strengths-based discovery journey, guided by the understanding of your personality and pain points.
MAKE algorithms assesses your levels of well-being and creative functioning, to determine which art materials are best for your self-discovery journey.
Our mission is to prevent mental illness by improving the emotional wellbeing of people at risk. We combine the latest insights from behavioural sciences, the power of AI and the magic of art to guide you on a journey, which will reveal your strengths and undiscovered skills. 
We do this by creating a self-discovery programme, based on a 'MAKER box', which is designed specifically for you. The monthly subscription MAKER box, comes with creative activities and guided reflection to increase your emotional resilience and improve you wellbeing.  



Art is a powerful tool, which helps us understand ourselves better. Creativity provides an individual experience that has positive effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Social media can make us mindless passive consumers. DON’T BE A TAKER, BE A MAKER by creatively engaging with our guided activities for boosting your wellbeing and emotional resilience.

 Team MAKE

Melisa Lenero

Melisa Lenero
Founder & CEO

Paul Dolan

Paul Dolan
Chief Scientist

Dario Kpran

Dario Kpran
Behavioural Scientist & Psychology Magician

Sasha Serafimovski
Financing & Strategy