Release Stress


What is stress?

We all had stressful experiences and we often say that we’re stressed, but it’s difficult to explain what stress is. 

There are physiological and psychological aspects to experiencing stress and although it is a normal response of our body to alarming situations, experiencing stress in high levels or during a long period of time can be harmful to our health.

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How can MAKE help you to deal with stress and improve your well-being?

  • Psychoeducation around stress and well being to help you increase your awareness and recognise stress symptoms in yourself and others around you
  • Increase reflection around the individual stressors that might be impacting your well-being
  • Increasing awareness of body sensations to better recognise when your body might be stressed
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Providing a joyful activity to boost your creativity and help you rest your mind
  • A new and creative way to express your emotions
  • Discovering strategies to help you better handle negative emotions and thoughts