Identify and Express Feelings

This programme aims to support the user in identifying and expressing their inner emotions. The materials found here inspire awareness of form, line, colour, limits, boundaries and other structural qualities of the art image that can, in turn, support the individual in understanding how their emotions are structured. This programme involves more sophisticated information processes by involving the brain's limbic system (that is responsible for emotions). They also can support users in regulating their emotions by creating a schematic representation of their emotion through colour line and form that can help manage complex and overwhelming feelings. 

The three subcategories under this category are: 

    1. The level of control the user has over the art materials
    2. The level of expression the user has over the art materials
    3. The creative process the user has over the art materials

Materials in this programme can include pencils, watercolour pencils, Indian ink, oil pastels, soft pastels, acrylic paint, watercolour paint, collage, etc.