Update 24/5


YES!  We are incredibly happy with the new direction our company is taking. We are combining  the ART THERAPY wonders with the BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE techniques to increase emotional resilience, improving their wellbeing through CREATIVITY.

🌪️We are creating a movement🌪️ We want to put CREATIVITY as the new WELLBEING.

We know that in places that have been hard hit by globalisation and automation, mental and emotional distress is a major problem affecting immensely people’s lives. 😔Their emotional literacy is precarious affecting not just their health but it becomes an obstacle to pursue a better education, a better job and more importantly affecting how they perceive their self-worth and self-value. (source)

💥Product-Service System💥



💎Users are precious (& full of wisdom)! By engaging very closely with our users, is that we developed this new product-service. We are confident that we took our time to listen, observe and shadow (not in a creepy way) our users until we understood their ongoing behaviours.

🕳️The benefits of the arts are overlooked. Arts therapies and participatory arts (including arts on prescription) have a proven impact upon mild to moderate and more severe mental health problems. (source)

🤩Creative activity is a powerful tool in overcoming anxiety, depression and stress in young people. (view full report)

📽️ Show&Tell video. This pitch took place in Sheffield, we had a blast, met incredible people, no video though. Until next one :)


🏛️Why Museums are for everyone! - Young adults reported that the museum setting helped them to reflect on feelings and experiences, facilitated interaction between group members, encouraged independence, fostered motivation and creativity and helped them to feel valued and connected with the world outside mental health services. (10 min read)

🙄When researchers find something incredibly but is used for… well sell more shit - smart assistants may soon be able to understand humanity’s wants and needs better than ever before — and, realistically, use it to sell you things. (2 min read)

As part of our movement, we encourage positive imagery; therefore, will be posting beautiful images for your eye candy. (know more about the photo)




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