Update 17/5

So much has happened since our last newsletter (one week ago 😅).

  • 1 trip to Sheffield

  • 2 pitches

  • 14 in-depth user interviews at Sheffield University

  • 1 pivot


🔨We nailed it, finally! We are re-defining ourselves (again). MAKE is “Creative wellbeing” and we are so excited for what is coming. Creativity and Arts are at our core, it is so important to practice these two as part of our daily activities. According to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report:


The act of creation, and our appreciation of it, provides an individual experience that can have positive effects on our physical and mental health and wellbeing.


🧰Creative wellbeing toolbox. Last Show&Tell we presented our Toolbox. It is divided in three main goals; tools for:

  1. self-development

  2. for inspiration

  3. for mindspace.

This coming week, we’ll be developing further our first tool under the “for inspiration” category. Hopefully, on the next newsletter will share a sneak peek of it! But we can tell you now, you’ll be able to listen to it.🎧


Sheffield is gorgeous. ☀️ & 🌿🌱 and people there are so kind and chatty. We 💛 it and hopefully we can come back soon.

The past two weeks we focused on the business model whilst running user in-depth interviews. We got 2 MAJOR insights from our intense chats with our users therefore, our first (mini) pivot.

  1. 💙Young adults do crafts or creative activities to soothe their emotional state without knowing. Most of the young adults that we interviewed, practice some type of creative exercises, like poetry, collages & calligraphy.


  2. 🔜 Creativity is not legitimised (yet). They enjoy “me time” which is incredibly beneficial to recharge and reset the mind & soul, the downside - they feel guilty afterwards because they perceive it as time spent on something NOT productive.😔 (but we are going to change this!)  


📽️ Show&Tell video. Here is our third video from May 3rd. We found the S&T incredibly rewarding because we can share to a bigger audience our latest updates and hear their comments & suggestions.


🎤Jarvis Cocker, Pulp singer, is from Sheffield! Listen here to our fav song, probably we are a major contributor to the 62,970,432 times this song has been played on Spotify.

We love it because narrates in the most witty and creative way a (fortunate?) encounter between a rich girl that wants to go “class touristing” and be like “common people” and a common person. In more depth, talks about a major disconnection on class perspectives. (but if you sing it, you’ll feel better)

🧶🧺🏺How making could change your life. Craft can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness and even dementia, according to research. (4 min read)

As part of our movement, we encourage positive imagery; therefore, will be posting beautiful images for your eye candy. (know more about the photo)

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