Update 30/3

Making for your wellbeing

Good news

1.- 🎢Zinc journey. Since October we’ve been part of Zinc incubator working on the developing of MAKE, with ups and downs but today we want to share incredible news; we are officially a Mission2 company of one of the Zinc portfolio companies.

2.- 💪People behind MAKE:

Serial entrepreneur and MA/MSc global innovation designer Melisa Lenero

Business & communication strategist Emily Cummin

Head of Department and Professor of Behavioural Science in Psychological and Behavioural Science at the LSE and Political Science Dr. Paul Dolan

👀 Looking for a creative technologist to join us. Please share.


1.- ⚡MAKE movement. Yes! We are a movement. We don’t want to be passive consumers taking in what social media dictates. We feel that we don’t belong to “the Art World”, but we believe anyone can be an artist. In fact, we encourage everyone to be an artist. *We are MAKERS, not TAKERS*

2.- 🤳 Not a journal for your mental health. At MAKE, we believe that making is fundamental for relieving emotional distress, therefore; we focus on movement and making. Empowering our users to relief by making through different tools and activities. First and app then a physical space.

3.- According to our survey-  88% of our respondents wanted to express their emotions but couldn't find the words. Huge insight to better understand the problem our potential users are currently facing when talking about their emotions.


1.- Workshop at NCS

We ran yesterday a workshop at NCS with 18-20 year olds. We would like to thank again the NCS team to make this happen and especially to our enthusiastic participants.

 We learned that:

  • Expressing emotions in a nonverbal fashion helps people to express themselves better.

  • They would like on-demand tools that can help them to express in the moment.

  • They preferred drawings & play-doh

  • They assigned a colour to the emotion

ALL of them agreed that the workshop sparked new ideas on how to express themselves without words (this is music to our ears)

They expressed that what they would change about the workshop is to increase the amount of examples on different emotions and the length of the icebreakers to then feel more confident about each other.

2.- We attended the Artificial Intelligence Creative Meetup and learned more about GAN’s (generative adversarial network) because of the nature of the creative tools that we want to provide to our users, we are exploring using StyleGAN specifically. The user will co-create with the GAN to play around and discover new hues, textures, styles, or even new artistic currents.

🧠tidbits (or how avoid talking about the weather or Brexit at dinner parties)

1.- Chen-Li said it was a “relief” to feel “seen and understood” by a mental health app that she is currently using. However, Sarah Rourke- Psychotherapist in London says that  “Hopefully, these apps ultimately remind us to actually get off our phones and really take care of our mental health.” (6 min read)

2.- Artist/Creative Technologist Memo Akten created this “slow journey through the imagination of the machine, and is intended [to understand] how we make sense of what we see” He is using GAN’s to guide us through deep meditations. (4 min read + videos)

As part of our movement, we encourage positive imagery; therefore, will be posting beautiful images for your eye candy. (know more about the photo)

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