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Gamifying art and emotions to increase emotional literacy in teenagers.

📃- Art is a unique aspect of human life associated with evoking complex and diverse emotions not necessarily felt in our daily routines. It is also a powerful weapon that helps us to better understand ourselves. Engaging with art is proven to increase a person’s emotional vocabulary. Enter “Make”.

We feel that we don’t belong to “the Art World”, but that anyone can be an artist. At MAKE, we invite you to explore your emotions through 3D drawings, immersive sounds or collages. We encourage you to make, to try and to learn from yourself.

MAKE has three elements:

  1. 🤳An app providing you with interactive tools to explore and learn new emotions through art

  2. ☁️🏛️The most inclusive, expansive and diverse digital emotional gallery in the world, providing a voice for young artists and revolutionising the museum concept

  3. 🕹️Enable physical spaces for teenagers to encourage social collaboration and get immersed, through VR in their world of emotions.


This coming week we will start our 4th prototype (started on January 2019)

We are currently doing user-testing through different pilots happening this coming week.

We are collaborating with the National Citizen Service in London to run one of our pilots. (Will keep you posted with the outcome)

Two weeks ago we launched our website (YAY) your thoughts will be pretty much appreciated.

We are collaborating with one of the Google Reference School- Banting School in Mexico City to understand how their students feel when they can’t express their emotions.

🎉We got already 60 responses on our online survey. *you can share it with your network*

🧠tidbits (or how avoid talking about the weather or Brexit at dinner parties)

😱 Zat Rana writes about “Meta-rationality”and “the seeming irrationality of a well-tuned emotional system, within the right context, can fill in gaps that reason misses.” (6min read)

🤔Randolph Nesse, professor of psychology and psychiatry at ASU “anxiety and depression have a clear evolutionary purpose” (3min read)

👾 💭 💕Teaching Robots to Feel: Emoji & Deep Learning. Neural networks help you find the most accurate emoji for your texts. (10min read+ can download Dango)

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