Skills & Strengths-Based Discovery Journey

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We are a skills & strengths-based discovery journey guided by the understanding of your personality and pain points.

MAKE algorithms assesses your levels of well-being and creative functioning, to determine which art materials are best for your self-discovery journey.


How it works

1. We would love to know you
Take a short survey to help us personalise your MAKER programme

2. We ship the MAKER box to you:
Fast, easy and simple 

3. Receive the MAKER box:
Hand-picked materials
  delivered to your door

4. Scan the QR code:
Don’t panic. 
No specific software is required. 
(Just scan the QR code using
your phone’s camera)

5. Listen to the audio:
Plug in your headphones
immerse in the experience
and let yourself go

6. Discover your skills
Through time
(and Machine Learning)
you will reveal
your undiscovered skills

A fun & personalised programme

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emotional intelligence better indicator vs IQ

EQ is 4x a better indicator of your performance at work than IQ

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Based on Social Sciences research

MAKE is lovingly designed by leading Social Scientists from top universities.

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